'The best day of our lives': Iskra Lawrence shares intimate details of baby's home water birth

Iskra Lawrence has shared an intimate glimpse into her recent home birth.

The model and her partner, Philip Payne welcomed their child in April, with the new mum heading to Instagram to reveal that the couple had welcomed the newborn at home.

Although the baby’s name or gender are yet to be revealed, the body positive activist promised she would share more details about the new arrival’s birth when she felt ready and when she’d settled into parenthood.

And now she’s done just that. Heading back over to Instagram, the new mum revealed that she had uploaded a new video with more detail about the birthing process.

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Iskra Lawrence has revealed some more details of her recent home birth, pictured in March 2019 at the 'Captain Marvel' premiere. (Getty Images)
Iskra Lawrence has revealed some more details of her recent home birth, pictured in March 2019 at the 'Captain Marvel' premiere. (Getty Images)

Sharing a couple of snapshots of her in the birthing pool, the mum revealed that though she’d been busy getting to grips with mum life, she was now ready to share more about how her baby arrived into the world.

“I’m excited to finally share the best day of our lives and our greatest achievement @philipapayne our home birth story,” she wrote in the accompanying caption.

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The new mum went on to say that she had to consider how much of the birth she was willing to reveal.

“I wasn’t sure how much I’d want to share and I actually wasn’t even aware how much footage and pics my family got as I was 1. Locked in trying to push 2. So excited to meet bubba and 3. In the most intense pain of my entire life,” she continued.

She added that after receiving so many messages from fans and those who were considering a home birth rather than going to hospital, she decided to upload the clip to offer them “an insight” into the process.

In the video, which was shared to Iskra’s official YouTube channel, the couple spoke a bit more about the birth, with Iskra detailing the painful contractions she had suffered for 12 hours prior to delivery.

“You are just in searing pain for about two minutes and then you might have, like, a couple seconds and it goes again,” she said of the experience. “My midwife was was like, ‘Try and sleep through it.’ I was like, ‘What?’”

The model also recalled the memory of feeling her baby’s head pushing out of her body.

“You literally feel down there, and I felt this head of hair — this head right here,” she said, pointing at her sleeping baby. “That was the weirdest feeling.”

But after her baby’s head emerged the birth seemed to stall and Lawrence recalled feeling her child’s neck stuck between her cervix.

She was quickly lifted out of the pool to make sure the baby was ok and didn’t drown.

“I just got down in the deepest squat I've ever done,” she said. “Then [my midwife] just yanked him out.”

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The couple shared that the baby wasn't breathing “for, like, two or three seconds” but their midwife remained calm as she blew into their child’s mouth to get him breathing.

“When you look back, and you just see a lifeless blue body. That was really scary,” she said, recalling the relief they felt when their baby started to cry.

“When your baby does that little cry, after being resuscitated... It all happened so quick, it wasn't traumatising in a way,” she said. “I couldn't even take in what was happening because [our midwife] just dealt with it. We were so relieved.”

The new parents also shared details about the placenta with Lawrence admitting that pulling it out was “the best feeling in the world”.

As she is shown pushing it out, she recalls: “No one told me that either, like a lovely relief, and then there was an awful bit where they have to push on your stomach to get the excess blood out. The placenta is huge.”

While the new mum didn't eat her placenta, which has become a more common practice, instead she had it planted in her garden.

“We've got two trees growing from the placenta,” she explained.

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Despite knowing how painful birth can be, the 29-year-old added that she would “absolutely” go through the process of giving birth again.

“When I was giving birth and after, when people said to me, ‘Would you do this again?’, I said, ‘No way.’

“Fast forward two days later, ‘Would you do this again?’, ‘Absolutely!’

“There’s something in nature, it protects you from remembering the vividness of the pain, because you would never do it again if you kept on reliving the pain, because there’s really nothing like it.”