Jackie Chan's wife is 60!

Jackie Chan's wife is 60!

5 Feb – Recently, Hong Kong superstar Jackie Chan teamed up with his son, Jaycee Chan, to celebrate his wife Lin Feng-jiao's 60th birthday in Hong Kong, according to Sinchew.

58-year-old Chan fondly told his wife that she was the luckiest woman in the whole world because she had two men who loved her so much in her life.

Every year, the martial artist and his son would give their beloved woman extravagant gifts like cars worth a million-dollars and diamond rings, but this year, his wife received a different present than that of before, presented specially from his son, in the form of a song that was composed just for her.

Within the lyrics of Jaycee's song, he expressed that he loved her very much and his wish to find a girlfriend soon to fulfil her wishes. Feng-jiao was very touched by this and teared up at her birthday party.

Chan was also very touched by this, and requested Jaycee to prepare his next birthday celebration.

"This is a lot of pressure on me!" said the 30-year-old.