Jakarta workmen hold their own 'Asian Games'

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Indonesian workers play a tug-of-war game as part of the 2018 Asian Games in Jakarta

Jakarta workmen held their own version of the Asian Games in the city's streets as they downed tools for Indonesia's annual independence day celebrations on Friday.

Workers played football, held tugs-of-war and climbed a greasy bamboo pole as part of their traditional celebrations, held this year a day ahead of the Games' opening ceremony.

Adding to the sense of fun, the men -- who have helped prepare Jakarta for the Games, as part of their work for local authorities -- wore dasters, a tunic worn by Indonesian women, for the football game.

"Yes, of course, of course I have contributed to a successful Asian Games. For instance all these colourful murals were done by us," one worker, Adul, told AFP, pointing to painted walls nearby.

The two-week Asian Games, which are being held in Indonesia for the first time, are split between the capital Jakarta and Palembang, a port city on Sumatra island.