Jana Kramer explains why she legally changed her last name: 'Wasn't an easy decision'

Country singer Jana Kramer is setting the record straight on why she decided to legally change her last name back to Kramer.

Kramer previously went by “Caussin” after marrying football player Mike Caussin in 2015. They divorced this summer, and this week she shared a photo of her new Tennessee driver’s license showing that she changed her name back to Kramer.

However, after receiving “a lot of messages” questioning why she made the decision, the singer decided to address the issue in an Instagram video that was captioned: "Why I went back to Kramer. Wasn’t an easy decision because not having same last name is tough but end of day I’m their mom. Having a different last name doesn’t change that."

"End of the day," the caption continued. "Kramer makes my heart happier and it’s who I have always been … so back to me."

(Credit: Instagram)
(Credit: Instagram)

“A few things,” she said in the video. “I hate not having the same last name as my kids. Like, I honestly don’t understand why kids don’t take the mother’s names. I mean, we push them out, we grow them, they should take our last names. But that’s just me.”

“But also, I’ve been a Kramer for forever and I have been a Kramer longer than I was the other last name,” she continued. “And although I don’t like the fact that my kids and I don’t have last names, I’d rather be a Kramer.”

Kramer and Caussin — both of whom share daughter Jolie Caussin, 5, and son Jase Caussin, 3 — certainly have had a tumultuous breakup, beginning in August 2016 when they first separated in the midst of Caussin’s short stint in rehab. They reconciled the following year and renewed their wedding vows in December 2017.

The couple revealed in April 2018 that they were battling Caussin’s sex addition, sharing that it was the root cause for the athlete’s infidelities. Three years later, Kramer filed for divorce, which was finalized in July 2021.

Kramer has made no secret of her grief, routinely sharing with her fans about the toll divorce can take on a family.

"This one was one of the hardest behind the scenes days. The call. Happened July 22nd. I got the official call that I was divorced," Kramer recalled on Instagram at the time her divorce was finalized. "20 minutes before my pick up to set. I knew the day was coming but no one truly prepares you for how it hits you when you are told you are officially divorced. My dream of what I wanted for kids and family was officially shattered in this moment. But I also had a job to do."

She continued: "I had to work and be on set moments later. I took this photo to remind myself WE CAN DO HARD THINGS. I also was embraced with so much love that night on set which is why the holiday fix up crew truly became family. We talked about this day on this weeks podcast and I’m joined by @mariamenounos and @ryanmcpartlin to recall the good days and the hard days that we all go through. And of course some funny behind the scenes moments."