Jennifer Aniston shared a rare glimpse at her £17million Bel Air home

Jennifer Aniston is taking fans inside her ultra fancy $21million (around £16milion) Los Angeles home. And when I say "inside," I actually mean outside, because what we have here is a look at her luxurious balcony and truly expansive property. Like, THE VIEWS!

JenAn shared this video of her home on Instagram during a cute lil' GRWM for the premiere of her new Netflix movie Murder Mystery. Come for her backyard, stay for her dogs.

According to Architectural Digest, Jennifer acquired the home in 2011 and immediately got to work renovating it. She ended up living there with her then-husband Justin Theroux, who was involved in the interior design. As she told AD, “Justin definitely wanted to be involved, so there was a bit of a learning curve for me on how to include another voice in the design process. For instance, I figured out that immediately saying ‘No!’ to any suggestion is not the most collaborative move."

Jen added, "If I wasn’t an actress, I’d want to be a designer. I love the process. There’s something about picking out fabrics and finishes that feeds my soul [...] Every corner you turn, you have an experience. Everywhere you look, you get a vista. We worked very hard to get that flow right."

Go ahead and watch the below video if you immediately need to see the inside of this house (though, again, this was done back in 2018 when Jen was still living with Justin, so chances are she's changed a few things since).

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