Jimmy Kimmel Agrees With Sean Hannity About Biden Debate Drug Tests: ‘Let’s Test Trump for Adderall and Cialis’ | Video

Jimmy Kimmel pretended to agree with Fox News’ Sean Hannity on Tuesday’s episode of “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” contending that maybe the conservative commentator’s ideas about performance enhancing drugs at the first Biden-Trump debate might be true.

But after arguing that Donald Trump should be tested “for Adderall, and Cialis,” Kimmel switched rejected the idea that there’s any such thing as “a ‘magic debate pill’.”

“It’s all nuts. It’s just nuttiness,” he said.

President Joe Biden is set to debate Trump on June 27, as Kimmel noted during his monologue on Tuesday’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live.” And, Kimmel noted, Fox News personalities are reviving the bizarre conspiracy theory that Biden’s energetic public appearances, which contradict the claims he is senile, are because he is taking some undefined performance enhancing drug.

“I like it too,” Kimmel joked after playing footage of Sean Hannity advancing such ideas and suggesting that at the debate, Biden will be “hyper-caffeinated,” and arguing that there should be drug tests before presidential debates.

“I think it makes perfect sense. Let’s do it,” Kimmel said. “Let’s test the President for caffeine. Let’s test Trump for Adderall. And Cialis. Let’s see how the test come out.”

But then Kimmel explained why this is basically ridiculous. “Who in the world, honestly, who in the world is buying this idea that there’s some magic ‘debate pill’ you can take?” Kimmel asked. “That makes you… if there is, I would like one. Because it sounds great.”

“It’s all nuts. It’s just all nuttiness.”

Kimmel then ran down the terms of the debate that Biden and Trump have agreed to. “There will be no audience, microphones will be muted when the other person is speaking, and CNN says they will ‘use all tools at their disposal to enforce timing and ensure a civilized discussion,'” Kimmel said.

“Which is a nice way of saying Jake Tapper will be armed with a tranquilizer dart,” he added.

“Podium positions, even where they’re standing, will be determined by a coin flip, which is also how Trump determines his position on abortion that day,” Kimmel joked. “Neither candidate will be allowed to bring notes, they will be given a pen, a pad of paper, and a bottle of water. Trump has apparently agreed to these rules – which is something to keep in mind ten days from now when he claims the whole thing was rigged against him. Okay?”

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