Jungkook birthday special: Acting roles we would've loved him in

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Jungkook birthday special: Acting roles we would
Jungkook birthday special: Acting roles we would

01 Sep 2021: Jungkook birthday special: Acting roles we would've loved him in

Today is BTS' "Golden Maknae" Jeon Jungkook's birthday! The youngest member of one of the most popular boy groups in recent times, ARMYs know Jungkook as a master of all trades. Be it painting, sports, or acting, he can do it all. On the singer's 24th birthday, let us dig into his hardly-explored acting talent. Here are shows/movies Jungkook would have been brilliant in.

#1: Picture it: Jungkook as a model-turned-actor in 'Record of Youth'

Imagine: Jungkook as Won Hae-hyo in Record of Youth. Playing a model-turned-actor whose life is suffocatingly controlled by his mother, we just know Jungkook would've expressed the layers of the character ably. Actor Park Bo-gum, who was the lead in this popular Korean drama, is known to be close to the Bangtan boys. It would have been dreamy to see his chemistry with Jungkook.

#2: The 'Still With You' crooner leading 'Wake Up Sid'

Now let's bring our imagination closer home. Known to be mischievous and always up for some shenanigans with his fellow band members, Jungkook would have been a perfect fit to play Siddharth Mehra in the Bollywood release Wake Up Sid. The role of a carefree/spoilt youth who matures gradually solidified Ranbir Kapoor's footing in the industry, and it's cut out for Jungkook to play.

#3: He could portray Isak in Korean version of 'SKAM'

The Euphoria singer is rightly a youth inspiration figure and he would fit right in Isak's character from the popular Norwegian series SKAM. Isak, a confused, vulnerable homosexual character, had one of the most brilliant pieces of writing from the series. Interestingly, as a Korean version is yet to be made, we don't have to imagine Jungkook bagging the role as he actually might!

#4: Voice actor Jeon Jungkook? We're all for it!

Next up, we have an animation entry. Being a singer, Jungkook has the modulations and expertise required for voicing an animation character. And the role he would certainly ace is that of Flynn Rider from Disney's Tangled. The charming outlaw, who actually stems from a royal lineage, has more depth in his character than most Disney princes. Plus, his dialogues are always classy.

#5: Jungkook as the lead of a musical K-drama? Yes please!

Lastly, we have another K-drama, Heartstrings. The 2011 drama is one of the most globally popular dramas, led by a fellow idol, Jung Yong-hwa. The leader and lead vocalist of CNBLUE was a treat in the campus musical drama opposite Park Shin-hye. While Jungkook was too young to participate in it originally, we can totally see him in Lee Shin's shoes. Happy birthday Jungkook!

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