Kang Ho-dong helps the South Sudanese

26 Mar - It was revealed that comedian Kang Ho-dong has been helping the children of South Sudan.

According to HanCinema website, "Green Umbrella Children's Foundation" stated that Kang Ho-dong approached them earlier this year, with the desire to help with the building of the school - by providing all the equipment and supplies they need, and also donate vehicles for their transportation purposes.

A staff member at the organisation said, "He wanted to help domestically but as we started our efforts in South Sudan, so we got him more interested in doing work internationally. Currently there is no concrete name, method, or scale for the project."

The former "Strong Heart" host has already been working with the said organisation and their program called, 'Supporting Ssireum' since 2005. Earlier, he had donated all of his controversial Pyeongchang land to the Asan Hospital Social Welfare Centre in the name of charity.


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