Kelly Chen's second child

Kelly Chen's second child

25 Mar – Hong Kong diva Kelly Chen recently posted good news about her baby through her official website, which was that her baby had been safely brought into this world, according to TVB News World.

Ever since her recovery from her unfortunate miscarriage last year, Chen had been trying hard for another pregnancy through artificial insemination. Her attempts were successful this time, and she gave birth to a 6.5 pound baby whom she named "Siu Lung Bao".

It was reported that Chen's husband, Alex, never left her side during the delivery process of her second son in the VIP delivery room of the hospital.

Mr. Tam, Chen's spokesperson, addressed the media and said, "Kelly just got a C-section and is still tired, but she is doing well. She and Alex are very happy. Alex used the DV to capture the whole progress and also took a lot of pictures."

He added, "Kelly said she is currently unsure who the baby resembles more, the father or her. However, he has a 'Shrimp Dumpling' chin like his older brother which she found to be very cute."