Kenneth Ma to bare all?

Kenneth Ma to bare all?

4 Mar – Recently, at a promotional event for his latest, "The Hippocratic Crush", TVB heartthrob Kenneth Ma appeared in his doctor's costume, and revealed that he may reward fans who helped to increase the show's ratings by appearing topless, as well as to boost viewer ratings, according to TVB News World.

"The dialogue is very meaningful, I hope we'll get at least 36 points! However, we'll have to rely on Him Law to reveal his body more!" said Ma.

Him Law is a fellow TVB actor who plays Yeung Pui Chung, a subordinate to Ma's Cheung Yat Kin. When asked if he would feel embarrassed at being compared to Law's buff body, which they have nicknamed 'giant chest', Ma merely laughed.

"Him's the built type, while I'm considered the 'steel' type. We have different body types, so there's nothing to compare."

Ma is currently enjoying his role as a doctor in TVB's medical drama. It provided the 38-year-old star with a chance to be the spokesperson for a medical centre, which he hoped that would help him obtain more endorsements with his doctor image.