Kevin Cheng stars in "Hua Xu Yin"

Kevin Cheng stars in "Hua Xu Yin"

22 Feb – Kevin Cheng has turned down offers to participate in "Bu Bu Jing Xin 2" due to his other drama obligation, and it was recently revealed that the drama in question is his upcoming drama adaptation, "Hua Xu Yin".

As reported on Jayne Stars, the "Ip Man" actor will be playing the lead role, Mu Yan in the drama adaptation of Tang Qi Gong Zi's famous novel. The actor will also be reunited with his "Bu Bu Jing Xin" co-star Yuan Hong and mainland actress Jiang Xin.

However, the drama has been plagued by criticism even before its broadcast, with fans of the original commenting that the styling of characters were wrong and were dismayed with the choice of cast, especially in the selection of Kevin Cheng as the sophisticated Mu Yan.

"Hua Xu Yin" tells the story of a princess of a fallen kingdom who died to show her loyalty to her kingdom. An immortal resurrected her with the help of the Aqua Tear Pearl and she then utilises the Pearl's power to help create dreams for people in exchange for their lives.

In related news, in addition to "Hua Xu Yin", more screen adaptation of famous novels will be released this year, including Tong Hua's "Best Time", starring Wallace Chung and Janine Chang, and Bao Jing Jing's "Love Is Not Blind", which stars actors Yao Di and Zhang Mo.