When will KLIA disruption end? Mavcom asks MAHB

R. Loheswar
Passengers check in for their flights at KLIA in Sepang August 23, 2019. — Bernama pic

KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 23 — The Malaysian Aviation Commission (Mavcom) has expressed its dissatisfaction at the amount of time it is taking Malaysia Airport Holdings Berhad (MAHB) to solve the systems disruption at both terminals of Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA). 

The disruption, which has brought down airport functions such as baggage handling, check-in counters, flight information displays (FIDS) and Wi-Fi, happened two days ago and while some of the functions have since returned, the issue still persists. 

Passengers queue at their respective boading gates at KLIA in Sepang August 23, 2019. — Bernama pic

“Mavcom is disconcerted by the major inconvenience caused by the systems disruption at the KLIA. Part of the Commission’s role is to provide a mechanism for aviation consumer protection, and we are extremely dissatisfied at what has happened at KLIA.

“We are in contact with Malaysia Airports Holdings Berhad (MAHB) and want them to inform passengers and airlines on when operations will return to normal while addressing the ongoing crisis. 

“We understand that MAHB is working with all relevant parties including the Civil Aviation Authority of Malaysia to restore the operations of the airport.

“We will continue to monitor and assess the service levels at KLIA via the Airports Quality of Service Framework as well as the Malaysian Aviation Consumer Protection Code 2016,” the statement read.

An policewoman assists a passenger at KLIA in Sepang August 23, 2019. — Bernama pic

The problems affecting MAHB’s systems at both terminals of KLIA were said to have started on the night of August 21 and continued throughout yesterday, affecting check-in counters, FIDS, baggage handling, its MYairports mobile application and even the credit card systems at retail and food and beverage stores.

The FIDS came back online for a short while yesterday evening, but flipped off again later and has yet to be fully restored.

MAHB has apologised for the disruption and said updates to its systems will be posted regularly on its social media accounts.

A MAHB member of staff distributes water and snacks to passengers at KLIA in Sepang August 23, 2019. — Bernama pic

It has continued to advise air travellers to check in at least four hours before their scheduled flights in order to avoid unwanted delays and to approach any airport staff for help.

Meanwhile, 1,000 staff have been working around the clock to assist passengers with their check-in and baggage claims. 

Transport Minister Anthony Loke visited KLIA today to check on the issue as airport authorities reported faulty equipment.

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