Korean actor Cha In-ha seen cheerful, full of positive energy in November video

Sylvia Looi
Korean actor Cha In-ha exuded positive energy in a video released by his company in November. He was found dead at his home on Monday afternoon. — Picture via Instagram

KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 4 — A day after South Korean actor Cha In-ha’s death, a video shot last month where he was upbeat about life has surfaced.

In the interview, Cha spoke about wishing to be able to do more, shared the meaning of his stage name “Cha In Ha”, how he started acting, the items he always has with him, his favorite works and actors, his favorite restaurants, and how to heal.

Korean pop culture site Allkpop reported that Cha said he was “a person who could be defined with one word” and said that “anyone can get new inspiration depending on the environment.”

“Cha also that his favourite time of day was after work where he has a shower and then lies down to eat sweets,” said the website.

“I want to be a person is constantly changing as an actor and as a human being, I want to be able to accept constant change calmly without being shaken by my external environment.

“As an actor, I want to be someone who can constantly show a new side of himself and keep his audience guessing. 2019 was a time when I kept running with the courage and hope to do better. Next year, I will become an even better Cha In Ha.”

The 27-year-old rookie actor was found dead on Monday afternoon local time by his manager.

Police have yet to announce details of his death.

Cha made his debut two years ago as a member of an actor boy group called Surprise U and has starred in dramas such as The Banker and Miss Independent Ji Eun 2.

The actor recently acted alongside Oh Yeon-seo and Ahn Jae-hyun in drama Love With Flaws that is being aired on South Korea.

His death came less than two weeks after K-pop star Goo Hara, 28, and the third to hit the headline after another K-pop in Sulli, 25, who was found dead on October 14.

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