Kylie Jenner reveals the surprising gift she gave to Stormi and fans are shocked

kylie jenner fans surprised by her gift to stormi
The surprising gift Kylie Jenner gave StormiMEGA - Getty Images

Kylie Jenner has majorly shocked fans after sharing the surprising gift she gave daughter Stormi, 5, and now we're wondering - is it too late for Kylie to adopt us?

In a recent "what's in my bag?" TikTok where she promoted her new tinted butter balms, Kylie shared with fans the most essential items in her Bottega Veneta bag. These included her sister Kim's SKIMS hair clip, a Kylie lipliner, a Coachella wristband and some tampons, because obvs.

But one of the most surprising items in her bag was one of the gifts she gave Stormi, which is a watch.

She said: "I have Stormi's little watch in here, it was actually my watch."

Um, so why is this so surprising? Well it turns out the watch actually appears to be a gold Rolex Day-Date watch, worth around $40,000, according to Page Six. A Rolex watch at five years old? Oh to be a Jenner-Kardashian child.

Kylie then revealed Stormi is no longer interested in the watch after wearing it to a birthday party.

"But she wore it [the watch] to a birthday party and she didn't want to wear it anymore," she told her TikTok followers. Stormi if you're not bothered about the watch we will happily take it off your hands.

kylie jenner fans surprised by her gift to stormi
MEGA - Getty Images

Fans of Kylie's were very surprised to see the Rolex in Kylie's bag, with one fan commenting: "Stormi wore a Rolex to a birthday party???".

Another said: "The Rolex… in the bag… just like that 😳😅." And another said: "Lmao the first thing she pulls out is a Rolex I love her."

Another hilariously joked: "Wish my mum let me borrow her Rolex instead of giving me a Micky Mouse watch." Us too.

Ok, we're seriously filing those papers for Kylie to adopt us, sorry mum.

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