Lara Trump Names Difference Between GOP And Dems, And Critics Aren’t Having It

Lara Trump, the daughter-in-law of former President Donald Trump, highlighted what she believes is a big difference between Republicans and Democrats — and drew mockery and criticism online.

The 2020 election result denier, who was installed as the co-chair of the Republican National Committee in February, told the right-wing Turning Point USA’s convention in Detroit on Friday that some folk are getting their news “from the wrong information sources, and they’ve been bamboozled a little bit.”

People don’t have to love everything that her father-in-law, the presumptive GOP presidential nominee, posts online, she continued, but she urged them to check out his policies.

Then came her bold claim: “And that’s the difference between Republicans and Democrats. We speak in truth and facts on this side. The other side is all emotion-based. Bring people back to the truth. Bring people back to the facts.”

Donald Trump, of course, made more than 30,000 false claims during his time in the White House and has been a fountain of falsehoods ever since leaving office.