Latest Nail Trends

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15 September 2011

By Andrea Claire for Yahoo! Southeast Asia

The days of simple manicures are over.

Even the once avant-garde French mani is now considered passé. With celebs like Katy Perry, Beyoncé, and Lady Gaga pushing über trendy manicure styles, us regular folks are curious as to how to get our hands on these latest nail trends too.

Stick it
One of the latest in nail appliques, MINX, a nail salon innovation with heat lamps to shrink wrap decorative overlays has started the “no need to dry” manicure trend.  All you need is a trained technician and 45 minutes; need for drying time is zero. Sephora and Sally Hansen soon followed with their own versions that you can do at home without the need for a heat lamp. Generally these nail ‘stickers’ last for more than four days.

Cured On, Soak Off

Nail polished cured onto the nail with UV lamps will have your favourite nail polish colour lasting longer without chipping, up to 15 days! When you finally get tired of the nail polish colour, remove the candy-coating (no, it’s not really candy) by soaking it for 15 minutes in nail polish remover. Shellac and Gelish are the ones to ask for at the nail spa.

The ½ Moon
This manicure style has the potential to be a new classic—that is if you can sift through the billion colour combinations available. Using contrasting colours, apply your ½ moon first. Then try combinations like black and white, bronze and purple, or a subtle matte and shiny of the same colour.

Whether you want to try the feather manicure, marbling, the newsprint mani, or some other style for your nails, you can simply watch and learn from the many beauty bloggers and YouTubers who have made DIY manis easier.

With many new manicures out there it’s safe to say you could have a different one daily, all you need is time on your hands and some nail polish.

Andrea Claire is a celebrity hair & makeup artist/writer.  Check out her blog at