'Law & Order: SVU' Star Christopher Meloni Posted a Shirtless Selfie and We're Sweating

Kelly O'Sullivan

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  • Law & Order: SVU star Chris Meloni posted a shirtless selfie on Twitter.
  • Fans loved the funny photos and begged him to share more.

Chris Meloni is best known for his years spent as a defining character on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. He played Detective Elliott Stabler, the partner to the esteemed Olivia Benson (Mariska Hargitay), for more than a decade before saying goodbye to the crime drama in 2011.

Recently, Chris has taken on a new role that all of his fans can relate to: He's a person who is social distancing to reduce the spread of coronavirus.

Unlike me many of us, the actor is using his newfound free time to be productive. Did you know Chris is an amateur woodworker? Because I certainly didn't.

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"Quarantine Update: giant cutting board cut, routed, sanded, ready fer oil. Backgammon set next," he wrote on Instagram, alongside a photo of his impressive handmade creation.

Still, Chris is only human—which means even he gets bored sometimes. When that finally happened, the 58-year-old took a break from honing his carpentry skills and sought out some entertainment on Twitter.

The actor dressed up in a kilt—and nothing else—to pose for a hilarious shirtless selfie that showed off his sculpted abs.

In a second (and equally funny) photo, Chris added a pair of tinted sunglasses and a ruffled white shirt to his look.

"Quarantine Kilt. With glasses or without?" he wrote, turning to his followers for fashion advice.

And boy, did they deliver.

One fan joked that they "didn't notice" there were glasses in the photos.

And plenty of others requested a "third option."

"Hey Chris, can we get a WITHOUT shirt but WITH glasses? That might be the winning ticket here," one person wrote.

The SVU star hasn't replied yet, but stay tuned—there may be more shirtless Stabler content in your future. 🔥

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