League of Legends getting new PvE mode during mid-year event, Arena mode moving to 16 players

Scheduled to debut alongside the mid-year event, League of Legends' upcoming PvE mode holds promise for “players eager for new adventures.”

New game modes are on the way to League of Legends. (Photo: Riot Games)
New game modes are on the way to League of Legends. (Photo: Riot Games)

League of Legends (LoL) fans have something new to look forward to as developer Riot Games is gearing up to release an array of updates and a brand-new game mode to enhance the gameplay experience.

In a recent dev blog published on Tuesday (9 April) from Selena "ChooChoo Trainnn" Liu and LoL Modes Product Lead Eduardo "Riot Cadmus" Cortejoso, plenty of things were revealed to be in store for LoL players that have been craving new game modes.

New PvE mode: "bullet heaven survivor"

One of the things the LoL modes team have been working on is a new PvE (player versus environment) mode. According to ChooChoo Trainnn, it will be a "Bullet Heaven Survivor" PvE game mode, promising a unique twist on LoL's core gameplay.

Anyone looking for a challenge or just someone to hang out with can enjoy this mode's option to fight hordes of enemies alone or with friends — without the pressure of winning against another team.

Scheduled to debut alongside the mid-year event, this mode holds promise for “players eager for new adventures.”

In the dev blog, ChooChoo Trainnn and Cadmus only showed a screenshot of an early prototype for this new mode.

An early prototype of the
An early prototype of the "bullet heaven survivor" PvE mode is in the works. (Photo: Riot Games)

For now, it looks more like a hot mess, with the Jinx looking like she’s hopelessly getting ganked by hordes of creatures, we’re hoping to see how a Vampire Survivors-like might fare as a mode in-game.

There’s also a ton of questions that have made us quite curious. How will this fare as co-op? Will the players get upgrades as they level up? What is this mid-year event that they’re teasing?

It doesn’t seem to look like a Void event because the creatures seem to look like they’re related to the hounds of Naafiri(?), and there are armoured enemies too.

While details on the Bullet Heaven Survivor mode remain under wraps, Riot assures players that more updates will follow as development progresses.

Major changes to Arena mode with an increased player count of 16 per game

Can you imagine 16 players in the Arena? (Photo: Riot Games)
Can you imagine 16 players in the Arena? (Photo: Riot Games)

Arena mode, a favourite among LoL enthusiasts, is also set to undergo a significant revamp to inject fresh excitement into the gameplay.

According to the devs, the recent run of Arena was successful, but Riot noticed a decline in play hours over time, so some changes are due. For one, players can expect a longer run for Arena this time, allowing Riot to gauge interest over an extended period.

“Our goal with arena is to be a great mode to play when you're looking to experiment with crazy build ideas or you just love to react to more unpredictable situations a mode for dreamers and the memers,” Riot Cadmus said.

The biggest change to Arena is the lobby size increasing to accommodate 16 players. This expansion aims to diversify each game, ensuring that players encounter fresh challenges and strategies with every match.

Increasing to 16 players seems to me like we’re in for crazy and chaotic games — which are hopefully fun.

Moreover, Arena's item system is receiving a substantial update with the introduction of a new class of items called "prismatic items."

These items promise to be game-changers, influencing build decisions and strategies significantly. For instance, the "Demon King's Crown" boosts basic stats with each round won, but players risk losing more if they face defeat.

Additionally, the way players acquire items will change, as anvils will be introduced for purchasing items at lower costs, albeit with less reliability.

Are you excited about these changes? More updates are found on the LoL dev diaries website.

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