Lee Sang-yoon too young to play neurosurgeon

Syahida Kamarudin
Lee Sang-yoon too young to play neurosurgeon

23 Sep – After already signing the contract to be in KBS 2TV's new drama, "Brain", the lead actors including Lee Sang-yoon are surprised to learn that the production is cancelling their contracts.

According to HanCinema website, a representative of the drama production told the media that Lee Sang-yoon, Yoon Seung-ah, Lee Hyunn-jin-I, Yoo Ri-el and other main characters have already been notified that they will not appear in the drama.

The production stated that the reason was that the actors' true age is not compatible with the characters' age. Initially, Lee Sang-yoon was to play the role of a neurosurgeon and Yoon Seung-ah was set to play a neurology student.

The actors have already done their script reading session on 17 September, and even had a friendly gathering for everyone to get to know each other.

The management of the actors involved said, "The production just dropped a bomb and told them to step off the project. We are just shocked. It's absurd to pull out when the contract is already been signed."

Rumour has it that 34 year-old Song Seung-hoon will take over the role that was earlier given to Lee Sang-yoon.

"Brain" is a drama that revolves around the life of neurosurgeons. It will be aired in the middle of November in Korea.