Lego unveils complete 'The Simpsons' minifigures collection

Sixteen characters from the animated comedy "The Simpsons" have been transformed into Lego minifigures. Available from May, the new collection includes all the members of the Simpson family as well as some of Springfield's most famous residents.

Lego first launched the collection earlier this year with a new construction set allowing fans to build the Simpsons House. Available in US stores and through Lego's US website at the price of $199.99, the set comes with Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie Simpson, along with a Ned Flanders.

Now Lego has unveiled 10 more characters in minifigure form. Fans of the show will recognize Grandpa Abraham Simpson, Milhouse, Ralph, Chief Wiggum, Mr. Burns, Apu, Krusty the Clown and Itchy and Skratchy. Each minifigure will be available from May at the price of $3.99.

The Simpson family's home network FOX will take part in the launch by airing a special episode, "Brick Like Me," on May 4. In this 550th episode, Homer will wake up to find that everyone around him is made of Lego blocks.

The network is currently airing the 25th season of "The Simpsons." After this landmark anniversary, the show will return yet again in fall 2014 for year 26.