LG Electronics denies involvement in Tzuyu's case

24 Jan - South Korean electronics giant, LG, has recently clarified its position in the previous case involving Taiwanese singer and TWICE member, Chou Tzuyu.

According to Marketing Interactive, previously, it was reported that mobile brand LG Uplus has dropped the singer from her advertisement deals in regard to her flag-waving scandal.

Last week, the brand issued a statement saying that all TV slots and YouTube adverts featuring the singer has been suspended. This was due to the fact that their latest line, "Y6", is a collaboration with their Chinese manufacturer Huawei.

The news came before Tzuyu's infamous apology that attracted the world's attention and the minor effect it made on the Taiwan-China relations.

Following the decision, LG Electronics has been bombarded with criticisms and attacks from the public, with some of them threatening to boycott all LG products.

A spokesperson of the electronics giant had since clarified the issue, saying that Tzuyu was the face for LG Uplus - a celullar carrier owned by LG Group and has nothing to do with LG Electronics.

The rep stated that although both of them are part of LG Corp., they are two entirely independent companies under separate management. Therefore, LG Electronics has neither input nor influence in the decisions made by LG Uplus.

On the other hand, LG Uplus recently released a statement that Tzuyu will continue as its brand ambassador and that the previous decision has been withdrawn.

(Photo source: srtimes.kr)