A lot of people need to say sorry

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    Sylvia Lim earn my respect.
    She asked, queried over anormely over declaration of various Finance Minister over the years. Is not that what MP (the peoples’ voice) suppose to do or Sungaporean rather preferred a bunch of “yes” men on the bench?
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    Support a no apologise
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    Next we would see the MPs harping over this issue to score political point with their master.
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    No need to apologize in Parliamentary debates.
    Its the people asking questions through their elected representatives. The people can ask anything, say anything (within reason).
    If the people suspect something fishy, they should be allowed to say it, and the government has to give a clarification. That's what Parliamentary democracy is all about.
    You think the budget debate is a personal matter?
    "Hey its my budget, don't anyhow say, ah!" !!!!!?
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    To my fellow singaporeans: It has been bothering me why our gov is giving grants to company to bring foreign talents to singapore instead of giving grants to companies to send singaporeans to overseas for training. I was reading an article related to singapore property market when it suddenly came across my mind. The reason why they choose to give grants to bring FT to singapore is that when FT come to singapore, they will surely going to buy or rent property in singapore. This create a demand in the property market but at the expense of taxpayers money. Im sharing with you all is because i really cant bear to see what our gov is doing this ppl. If the 70% still cant see this and think our gov is doing the right things for our ppl, then there is nothing much i can say.
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    I don't see any reason why Sylvia Lim should apologise in the light of all the facts and views and predictions from the experts. She was reflecting a very common and public sentiment, so what is so dishonest about that? In fact, Heng's announcement that the hike is likely to take place SOONER rather than later has only add confirmation to what the public has been SUSPECTING. Politics is politics, so it is a only natural that the opposition and public alike would conclude that all this 'sophistry' and nitpicking over what Sylvia Lim said and how she said it is typical of a PAP whose head and shoes have become so big that it wants to insist on only its interpretation is the RIGHT one and everybody else is wrong!
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    Regrdless whther SL apologizes or not .. she's won
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    If the elected People's Voice cannot say anything (no accusation, no defaming in this case) even in a house where debate is supposed to happen. Then what else can The People do? Go Speaker's Corner and do a one-person-show?
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    Sylvia Lim, you should not apologise at all since you believe in what you've said! Bring it on, baby!!
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    Loll. So nobody is allowed to raise a concern since raising it means u are unsure, means u are insinuating, and means u should apologise. Might as well cancel all parliamentary debate/ enquiry.