Louis Koo is highest earning actor of 2013

Louis Koo is highest earning actor of 2013

26 Dec – "The White Storm" star, Louis Koo has been named this year's highest earning star of Hong Kong, Mingpao reports.

The actor, who filmed eight movies this year, including "Out of Inferno", "Drug War" and the upcoming "Golden Chicken SSS", has beaten out other top actors including Donnie Yen, Andy Lau, and Nicholas Tse to place first in the list of stars with the highest earnings.

It was revealed that with a fee estimated at HKD 12 million (approx. US 1.5 million) per film, the actor was able to brought in HKD 96 million (USD 12.4 million) in movies alone. Adding to his 11 commercials and show performances, Louis rakes in HKD 236 million (USD 30.4 million).

Donnie Yen, who only filmed four movies – "Iceman 3D", "Last of the Best", "Special ID", and "Together" due to his reduced workload this year, ranked second.

However, due to his market value increase, with HKD 30 million per film, the actor successfully gathered HKD 120 million in movies, and thoroughly estimated at HKD 220 million (approx. USD 28.4 million) from six advertisement and appearance fees.

Andy Lau shared the third spot with Nicholas Tse, with HKD 150 million (USD 19.3 million). Andy, whose concert tour accumulated HKD 23.4 million, also rakes in HKD 75 million from his three films, "Blind Detective", "Firestorm", and "Switch", as well as his four advertisements and 10 show performances.

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