M1 fibre outage affects users in northern, eastern parts of Singapore over 2 days

Logo of Singapore telco company M1. File photo: Yahoo News Singapore

SINGAPORE — M1 customers in the northern and eastern parts of Singapore experienced fibre outage over two consecutive days as the operator said on Wednesday that it has fully restored the affected services.

The operator made the announcement in an update on its Facebook page at 6.03pm.

M1 made a similar announcement about full restoration of services on Tuesday at 5.15pm. Many customers, however, complained on social media that they were still affected by the outage thereafter.

Some customers in the western parts of Singapore wrote on M1’s Facebook page that they also experienced a service disruption.

A user by the name of Lua Katherine Kzel wrote on the same page on Wednesday morning, “M1, not only northern & eastern areas are affected! Western side is also affected. Tried reaching 1627 earlier but to no avail and finally able to get through.”

In its first post on the outage on Tuesday at 1.31pm, M1 said that fibre operator Netlink Trust has confirmed that there was a fibre cable outage, which caused a disruption in services in some areas in the northern part of Singapore.

“Some M1 customers in these areas may experience difficulties in accessing fibre and fixed voice services. Netlink Trust is currently working on restoring the connections,” M1 said.

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