Mad about Maldives

Karla Rey
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No matter where you are on the island, there is that welcomed sense of calm and tranquillity. (Photo by Thinkstock)

Famed the world over as a premier tropical beach destination, Maldives in reality is actually an archipelago of 1,190 islands. Blessed with gorgeous coral beaches, dozens of atolls, warm shallow waters, tropical vegetation, and well-organized hotel facilities, it is truly one of the last unspoiled island getaways in the planet. Located southwest of Sri Lanka, it has over a 100 island resorts dotting the Indian Ocean, each guaranteeing private and worry-free vacations. It is no wonder why Maldives is one of the regulars on lists of top honeymoon destinations.

So why choose Maldives? Let us count the ways.

You can bet on its reliable, year-round beautiful weather.
For many couples, having lots of sun and clear blue skies is essential. Maybe it is advertising (all those ads of couples lying on loungers under an umbrella) or maybe it is science (studies show that those that get more sun tend to be happier that those that don’t get as much), but Maldives tropical conditions adds to its allure. And much like getting hitched, once you book it, you sort of put a wager that the weather will cooperate.

Its isolation is quintessential.
In general, the idea of getting away from it all is an encompassing feeling for newlyweds. You would want to spend as much time with your spouse lazing on the beach, swimming, feeding each other and watching romantic sunsets in isolation.  This is a Maldivian resort specialty (with the one island, one resort concept): creating that feeling of “just you and me.”

The pool area of one of the resorts in Maldives. (photo by Karla Rey)

There are lots of beautiful sceneries to capture.  
Invent the word “coupies” and take as much couple pictures as you please. Snap those small details that make the entire experience romantic (candlelight dinners, rose petals on the tub, chocolates and champagne). Integrate these to your photo album, or probably even post them on Instagram. These will then add to the lovely reminders of the celebration of your love for each other.

Exciting journey to the island
You will need to fly to Male, the capital and depending on your choice of hotel; you will have to take a boat or a seaplane to your island destination.  Going the distance is already a metaphor for the things you did and will do for the one you love.

But it is all worth it.
As soon as you step onto your chosen island, no matter where it is, there is that welcomed sense of calm and tranquillity. Imagine: bright blue skies kissing azure waters that in turn are caressing the shore. The pressures of your wedding preparations and the stresses on the actual day itself become distant memories. What is left is the gratitude for being together, being in your piece of paradise, and basking in the joy that you have found the love of your life.

The vacation may end, but the memories will be forever. A lot like love, actually.

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