Maid served mixture of her urine, menstrual blood and saliva to employer’s family

Hot kettle boiling and steaming.
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SINGAPORE - A domestic helper mixed her urine, menstrual blood and saliva into water and rice which her employer’s family members unknowingly consumed.

Diana’s action in August last year was an attempt to prevent her employer from scolding her for her work performance. She was hoping that the family would agree with whatever she did after consuming the mixture from a kettle.

On Monday (13 January), the 30-year-old Indonesian, who only goes by one name, was jailed for six months and seven weeks after she pleaded guilty to one count of stealing $13,300 from the safe belonging to her employer's mother and two counts of mischief.

Diana was employed in 2017 to work for the household of six family members, comprising two grandparents, two parents and two grandchildren.

The maid knew that her employer's mother, 67, kept her money in a safe in her bedroom. She thought of a plan to steal the money by keeping an eye on the elderly woman as she unlocked her iPad.

After identifying the passcode keyed in by the woman, Diana tried and successfully unlocked the safe.

Between August 2017 and June 2018, the maid siphoned $13,300 from the safe on five occasions. She passed the cash to a compatriot who helped her remit the money to Indonesia. The cash was not recovered.

In a written mitigation tendered to the court, Diana admitted to her wrongdoing. She said that she was divorced with one child and supporting an ailing mother, and asked for the lightest sentence.

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