Making the Most of Opportunities Across Niches Are Celebrity Makeup Artists Kashif Aslam and Anum Aslam

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They have hustled their way to the top and created their unique niche as beauty professionals and entrepreneurs.

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There are tons of talented individuals in this world who make it huge in their respective industries. Still, there are a few people who go ahead in standing unique even amidst much competition. Ever wondered what could have been the reasons behind their meteoric rise in their industries? "Nothing beats pure love for what one does and perseverance," says Kashif Aslam, who stands tall as one of the best celebrity makeup artists along with his sister Anum Aslam in Pakistan. Their popularity has definitely grown out of their country and has reached different parts of the world, thanks to social media platforms. "Kashee's" is their brand, owned by Kashif Aslam, but it oozes the creativity and innovativeness of the famous brother-sister duo.

Who is Kashif Aslam, you ask? Well, this youngster was born in 1988, and since a very early age, everything that radiated creativity and artistry was where his heart hooked on. This helped him start his career at 15 years of age as a hair expert. The deeper he went into the beauty industry, the more he felt he belonged to the same. Today, he has created a global name for himself as the king of creativity with his fascinating makeup transformations. He tours the whole country with his sold-out makeup workshops, where he teaches his makeup secrets to budding talents in the industry.

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From doing makeup and hairstyling to Pakistani celebrities on fashion shows, morning shows, TV channels, to teaching the nitty-gritty of the same to his sister Anum Aslam and coming up with his own business in the beauty industry, Kashif Aslam came a long way. He has disrupted the beauty industry in ways more than one with his versatile talents and different brands and businesses. His business includes Kashee's Beauty Parlour, Kashee's Men Salon, photo studio as a photographer and videographer, Kashee's Bridal Boutique, Kashee's Hair Extension Department, a cosmetic line, and a jewellery line.

He confesses that the major part of their success comes from their astute team of workers and professionals, whose efforts are in accordance with customer's choices and needs. Some of the awards they have been honoured with include the best makeup artist award by Indus bridal show, best artist award from feminine hair & makeup institute, medal of brand scientist award in 2011, best brands of the year award 2011 -2012, an award of youth & women entrepreneurship 2013, an award of mega 100 bridal contest 2013, certificate of appreciation by some senate in 2014, an award BY HUM TV SOCIAL MEDIA AWARD powered by Facebook for the most popular makeup artist of Pakistan 2020 and Pakistan intellectual property excellence award 2020.

Their follower base on social media platforms has rapidly increased each day and has made them highly popular.

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