Malaysia Airlines shares the spirit of Hari Raya, joy of heading home in new video

Mark Ryan Raj

A man in Malaysia Airlines’ ‘Sama-Sama Balik Kampung’ video, embraces his mother after he surprised her by coming home for Hari Raya. — Screengrab via Youtube/ Malaysia Airlines

PETALING JAYA, May 24 — Going back home for Hari Raya is something that many Malaysians look forward to.

That feeling when you balik kampung is like no other.

It makes you wonder.

Think about it, you travel to the same destination, use the same routes, see the same faces, eat the same food, so what exactly makes travelling back to your hometown so special?

Well, Malaysia Airlines have expressed that “special” feeling perfectly in their new Hari Raya video titled Sama-Sama Balik Kampung.

The video sums up exactly what Hari Raya is about.

Yes, it is the same journey, as it was for the different Malaysians in the video on their flight back home, but what made coming home so special was the fact that it was those same things.

As described in the video: “it is the things that don’t change that we long for,” and that could not be truer.

Surprising your parents to see the joy in their face, getting teased by your siblings, eating up all of the delicious rendang.

That is what home is.

“The festivities begin the moment we start our journey home, as the first taste of Malaysian Hospitality for travellers, we are always looking for ways to ensure that our guests feel like they are home before they have even arrived,” said Malaysia Airlines Group chief executive officer Izham Ismail in a press release.

In the spirit of Hari Raya, the airlines is also running a social media campaign called “#MHFundMyBalikKampung” that aims to unite families this Hari Raya.

Just post a photo onto Instagram inclusive of your departure and arrival destinations, with a caption explaining why you are unable to travel back home for Hari Raya.

Don’t forget to use the #MHFundMyBalikKampung hashtag and Malaysia Airlines will repost your photo and caption on the @MHFundMyBalikKampung page.

The post with the most likes stands a chance to win flight tickets for their journey back home.

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