Man admits to posing as HDB officer, sexually assaulting sisters he lured into flat

Wan Ting Koh
After sexually assaulting the 16-year-old girl, Hussain Samat, 53, then asked her to call her younger sister to the flat. (PHOTO: Getty Images)

Posing as a HDB officer, the man lured his teenage neighbour to his flat, where he tried to rape her after threatening her with a knife.

After sexually assaulting the 16-year-old girl, Hussain Samat, 53, asked her to call her younger sister to the flat. He then committed the same depraved acts on the 13-year-old girl.

At the High Court on Wednesday (14 November), Hussain – a diagnosed pedophile – admitted to a total of eight charges, including those of aggravated sexual assault by penetration, impersonating a public servant, making an obscene film, exhibiting the film to an underaged person, attempted aggravated rape and aggravated molest.

A total of 23 other charges, including wrongful confinement, voluntarily causing hurt and abduction for the purpose of illicit intercourse will be taken into consideration for his sentencing.

Both victims cannot be named due to a court-imposed gag order.

Accused had change of plans

Hussain, who worked as a cleaner at the time of the offences, had initially planned to rob his neighbours by posing as a HDB officer.

On 6 May last year, he knocked on the doors of the units one floor below his own but was unsuccessful in getting into the homes.

When he arrive at the victims’ flat, the elder sister answered the door. Still impersonating a HDB officer, Hussain told the girl that he had received a complaint that the girl’s family had littered near the block’s rubbish chute area.

The girl’s mother overheard the conversation and denied that their family had done so.

Hussain then returned to his own flat and formed a plan to lure one of the girls to his unit to have sex with him, according to the prosecution.

Returning to the girls’ flat with some paper and a pen, Hussain then lied to the girls’ mother that he needed one of her daughters to sign a HDB document downstairs.

Hussain kept up the ruse by asking the elder sister to sign on the sheet of paper beside her unit number. He then led her to his own unit, where he pretended to speak to a “resident” within. Hussain lived alone and there was no one in the flat.

After luring the girl into the flat, Hussain immediately locked the door, trapping her.

Threatened to cut victim’s face

Hussain then shoved the girl onto a mat before switching his television on and setting its volume to maximum. He told the girl that someone had paid him $3,000 to cut her face before grazing the girl’s face with a knife he retrieved from his bag.

He warned that the girl would “go home with a face full of blood” if she did not have sex with him, said Deputy Public Prosecutor Chew Xinying. Hussain then stripped the girl and molested her.

When the girl told Hussain to use a condom, the latter retrieved an antibiotic pill from his room and lied that it was a contraceptive.

In a bid to distract Hussain, the girl claimed the pill was too large. While Hussain was in the kitchen crushing the pill, she tried to make a run of it.

However, Hussain caught her and pinned her to the floor while shouting, “Do you want me to end you now?”

He then forced the girl to eat the pill before sexually assaulting her. After Hussain failed to rape her, he used his mobile phone to film the other obscene acts he committed upon her.

Plan to trap victim’s younger sister

Following this, the girl told Hussain that her body ached and that her throat was painful. Hussain told her to rest, then formed a plan to lure the girl’s younger sister to the unit.

He forced the girl to call her younger sister on his mobile phone. While pointing a knife at her stomach, Hussain told the girl to get her sister to come to his unit under the pretext of bringing over the elder girl’s mobile phone.

He threatened to stab the girl if she deviated from his instructions and turned on his phone’s loudspeaker mode for the call.

At around 12.38pm, the younger girl came to the flat. The elder sister tried to warn her but Hussain locked the door behind the younger girl.

Threatening to hurt her elder sister, Hussain told the younger girl to call their mother and tell her that they would be late in returning home. The younger girl complied.

After the call, Hussain showed the younger girl the obscene films on his phone involving her older sister. He threatened to cut the elder girl if she did not follow what she saw in the film.

He then instructed the older girl to cook noodles in the kitchen so that she would not witness what happened to her little sister.

Hussain then sexually assaulted and molested the little girl while filming the acts. He also tried to rape the younger girl, but was not successful.

After the acts, the elder girl asked to borrow the Hussain’s mobile phone to check her school work.

Using the phone, she sent a few messages to her secondary school friends, saying that she had been kidnapped and pleaded for someone to call the police. She also gave the address of the Hussain’s flat.

One of her classmates then called the police at about 2pm.

Saved by quick thinking

At about 2.38pm, police officers arrived at Hussain’s flat and heard noises from inside. They knocked on the door but no one answered.

Upon hearing the knocks, Hussain dragged the girls to the flats’ toilet and locked the door from the inside. He asked the elder girl if she had called the police – at which point she began shouting.

Seeking to gag her, Hussain shoved his fingers in her mouth, hurting her in the process.

Once the older girl stopped shouting, she then lied to Hussain saying that she would tell the police that the whole incident had just been a prank.

Hussain then agreed to let the girls go but warned them not to tell the police the truth. He even made the older girl swear on a Quran that she would keep her promise.

The police were waiting outside the unit once the girls left the flat and immediately detained Hussain. Both victims then told the police what had happened and Hussain was arrested.

The prosecution asked for the maximum period of 20 years’ preventive detention for Hussain to prevent him from reoffending.

Meanwhile, the High Court called for a suitability report for assess Hussain’s suitability for preventive detention. The case will be heard again on 17 December.

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