Man charged over 1996 armed robbery outside bank near Jurong

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    Foo Siang Thian is guilty of armed robbery, but there are others who pass laws to rob the citizens of their hard earned money, so that these leaders can enjoy a life of luxury.
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    the suspect should not be exempted from caning if he is found guilty
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    Harvester Of Sorrows
    Seems like Malaysian police more effective?
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    of all country.....Malaysia he has to flee...maybe not enough cash to go further.
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    congratulations ..... you have just made to pay form criminals free expenses for judiciary process & prison upkeep.
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    How come yahoo staff writer so careless. Headline says near jurong while article says outside OCBC bank in jurong. So obviously it happened in jurong not near jurong. Duh.
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    Whilst he was living a fugitive life, or no life in Malaysia, he had regretted what he did back in SG, and many years before that he had already spent what he robbed. Now he is back to serve his time, it is only he extension of his screwed and miserable life. If he had thought of this, he would never have committed the crime.
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    Since there's such a stupid law that exempts criminals above 50 from caning, there must be something more harsh in replacement of this caning for them. Else, every criminal would just hide in JB till after they are over 50 then return to face the law and escape the caning.
    For example: if A who committed a crime which gets him to be caned 6 strokes, and if he is above 50, then the 6 strokes of caning should be converted into say 6 years of jail term to be added into his original jail term.

    Likewise for this StanChart robber.
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    just spend your old age in jail. it's called karma