Martin Scorsese offers rare glimpse inside memorabilia-filled New York home

Martin Scorsese has offered a glimpse of the extensive collection of film memorabilia that fills his New York home in a new TikTok video shared by his 24-year-old daughter Francesca.

The Killers of the Flower Moon director, 81, joined his daughter in taking part in a popular TikTok trend: “I’m a... Of Course...” In this case, the pair identified themselves as “movie lovers” before reeling off a list of items inside their home that speak to this identity.

The video opens with Francesca in a corridor surrounded by vintage posters for Scorsese favorites including British filmmakers Powell and Pressburger’s 1945 romance I Know Where I'm Going, Josef von Sternberg’s 1941 noir The Shanghai Gesture and a French poster for Alfred Hitchcock’s 1947 courtroom drama The Paradine Case (Le Procès Paradine).

Francesca says: “We’re movie lovers, of course we have film posters all over our house,” before her father interrupts to playfully “direct” her. “Now do that again. It has to have more, you know? You’re proud of these posters!” he suggests. When she tries the line again, he responds: “Now it’s too big, take that down a bit.” Francesca replies: “Dad, it's a TikTok!”

Martin himself then takes over hosting duties, showing off an antique film camera and saying: “We’re movie lovers, so of course we have a couple of cameras around anyway.”

Francesca then shows off one of her father’s director’s chairs, printed with his name, before Scorsese in a screening room adds that: “Of course they have TCM”. Turner Classic Movies (TCM) is a pay-TV network dedicated to classic and historic feature films.

Martin Scorsese and daughter Francesca with the automaton from his 2011 movie ‘Hugo’ (Francesca Scorsese)
Martin Scorsese and daughter Francesca with the automaton from his 2011 movie ‘Hugo’ (Francesca Scorsese)

Francesca then demonstrates the family’s dedication to physical media by pulling out a selection of their DVD collection, including Dino Risi’s 1962 road comedy Il Sorpasso (The Easy Life in English) and Nicholas Ray’s 1956 drama Bigger Than Life.

Scorsese takes over once again to point out that as movie lovers, “Of course we have some movie memorabilia around. Like for example, this is the original red shoes from the great movie The Red Shoes, 1949.” Pointing to an empty glass case, he admits with a chuckle: “Right now, the red shoes are loaned out to an exhibition somewhere. Sorry!”

The pair then pose with the automaton from Scorsese’s 2011 family movie Hugo, before the tour concludes with Francesca saying: “We’re movie lovers, of course it’s like impossible to choose a favorite filmmaker.” The camera then pans out to reveal she’s wearing a white T-shirt featuring a sketch of her father’s face.

The pair have frequently gone viral for their TikTok videos together. Last October, Scorsese put his knowledge of internet slang to the test in a widely-shared clip.