MasterChef contestant suffers gruesome on-set injury

charlotte, masterchef, season 20
MasterChef contestant suffers gruesome injuryBBC

A MasterChef contestant has suffered a gruesome on-set injury while cooking a dish.

In an episode this week, Charlotte – who specialises in plant-based cooking – was preparing a dumpling recipe with chilis when the incident occurred.

"I need to go as fast as I can so that I can do all the stuff I need to," the contestant admitted beforehand, though as she began to chop, she revealed that she had cut her finger.

charlotte, masterchef, season 20

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It quickly became clear that Charlotte had suffered a pretty nasty injury as she told viewers that she had taken a "lump" out.

"I'm sorry to say this, but you've taken the top of your finger off, and that means you'll probably need to go and get it sorted out," judge John Torode said.

"I was trying to go big or go home, and now I'm doing both," Charlotte quipped, before John told viewers that she would have to sit the challenge out.

"Sadly Charlotte has cut herself and she's had to leave the MasterChef kitchen for medical attention so she won't be finishing off her dish," he confirmed.

charlotte, masterchef, season 20

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In other MasterChef news, earlier this month Torode and fellow judge Gregg Wallace denied rumours that the two would be quitting the show.

Asked on This Morning whether the show would be ending, Gregg said: "No, it's definitely not the last one!" before John added: "Alison [Hammond] stop it. Stop it... the great thing is that it is on BBC One, it is always on BBC One."

The series is set to remain on screens until at least 2028 after a deal was signed in 2022 for six more years of the franchise.

MasterChef is currently airing on BBC One and can be streamed via BBC iPlayer.

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