Mavis Hee sets up three rules for local media

Mavis Hee sets up three rules for local media

20 Jul – Singaporean singer Mavis Hee has set three strict rules for reporters as a condition to Mediacorp for her to perform at a concert.

According to Singaporean media, she had informed reporters of the three rules which are "No Photo Taking", "No Recording" and "No Interview", which were her conditions if she were to appear in the "Mediacorp 30th Drama Anniversary – Our Theme Song" concert.

Informed sources said that the 38-year-old singer had initially rejected the invitation from Mediacorp to perform at the concert, but later changed her mind if they accepted her conditions.

During the concert, she reportedly sang four drama theme songs, "Regret", "Sunshine After the Rain", "A Song to Remember" and "Moonlight in the City", and thanked the local audience for their support throughout the years.

Mavis is infamously known to have been previously arrested when she was accused of harassing a guest at Ritz-Carlton Hotel by shouting "Call Me God!" to him in year 2006. She was later warded at the Singapore Institute of Mental Health and was diagnosed with clinical depression.