Meet the inaugural batch of Vietnam’s latest accelerator programme VIISA

The first batch of VIISAfeatures startups like an e-commerce data analytics company and a nightclub bottle subscription service

Vietnam has a startup ecosystem that is bubbling with optimism and potential, but the next step is for the community to begin to build a vibrant ecosystem.

Typically, during the building process, accelerators begin to emerge as a place for startups to iterate their business plans, make connections and usually get a bit of cash.

Today, the Vietnam Innovation Startup Accelerator (VIISA) kicked off its first batch today. The programme had over 150 applications and will offer the eight selected companies US$15,000 and technical resources. The programme is run by a partnership of Dragon Capital, FPT Corporation and Hanwha Investment.

“I believe it is the first time in this region that three corporations come together to fund and operate an accelerator program of this scale. I am grateful and excited for this opportunity to work with talented founders and to show the world that great startups exist here in Vietnam,” said Adrian Tan, the VIISA programme director.

Let’s meet the companies!

Butterfly Hub

Butterfly Hub is trying to apply big data and artifiicial intelligence to the beauty industry. The goal is to be able to personalise looks — with help from the AI. So, if someone is looking for advice about the latest trendy haircut, the system will help find something that is fashion forward, but will not be regrettable to the individual.


Fastsell is a mobile P2P solution similar to that of Carousell or Shopee. Like their Southeast Asian cousins the app allows users to sell, buy and discover items from people around them through their phone.


One of the worst things about having a car problem is wondering if the mechanic is offering a fair deal — or jacking up the price because they know you have no other choice. Fixir wants to solve this problem by building a mobile app that aggregates price quotes from companies in the general vicinity.


Lexis is a prepaid platform for legal services. It allows people to pay a fee up front that they can later ‘cash in’ for legal advice should they need the help. It also has a toll free number to help its customers.


Honeynet is a wireless solution for the IoT and video surveillance products. The company is built on the cloud and also has a product for smart agriculture.



Usedata wants to help online merchants increase their conversion rate. It helps companies understand where users are coming from, how much they buy, and segments interactions based on brands and categories.

It then will recommend to merchants the best product to feature in order to convert the most sales.


Much like Kfit or GuavaPass, Wefit is a monthly subscription company that gives users access to multiple gyms to enjoy the classes they want. Localised for Vietnam, the company is currently doing most of its business in Hanoi.


And you thought you were ballin’. For VND6 million (US$265) per month, users can get a free bottle of alcohol at select locations across Ho Chi Minh City. The company has struck deals with 26 venues and offer 11 selected spirits and wines. It is a month to month subscription and users can cancel at anytime.

VIISA will have its Demo Day in March 2017.

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