Meet the parents? Not so fast, as young Singaporeans embrace deeper connections over marriage

The emphasis for shared values and inclusivity in relationships by Gen Z and millennials transcends traditional norms in Singapore

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Young Singaporeans are not merely seeking a marital partner; they are searching for a companion with whom they share a deeper emotional connection.

In the heart of bustling Singapore, where traditions blend seamlessly with modernity, the dating landscape is undergoing a transformation, driven by the evolving preferences of Gen Z and millennials.

The days when marriage was the ultimate goal seem to be numbered. Today, young Singaporeans are prioritising something deeper – emotional resonance.

This generational shift challenges traditional norms and places an emphasis on meaningful connections over marital status.

That's according to an analysis of local dating agency GaiGai, revealing a shift in relationship goals of its members that reflects the changing dating dynamics in the country.

According to GaiGai, it has noticed a remarkable shift in its user base, particularly in the 22-24 age group.

These individuals are not merely seeking a marital partner; they are searching for a companion with whom they share emotional resonance, life goals, and a similar outlook on the world.

With greater focus on shared values, GaiGai has outlined three stages of modern relationships that help gauge daters' potential to flourish.

1. Casual social gatherings

The initial stage involves mingling in casual settings, observing a person in their natural element.

Casual social gatherings reveal someone's true colours, especially when relaxed or inebriated.

Paying attention to post-drinking behaviours offers a glimpse into potential relationship dynamics, as these observations can indicate potential red flags.

2. Short trip abroad after three months

After three months of dating, taking a trip together unveils more than just picturesque views.

Travelling together can be a revealing experience that unveils a partner's planning skills and lifestyle compatibility.

Shared travel experiences can become predictors of a successful long-term relationship.

3. Meet the parents after six months

A significant milestone after six months of dating, meeting each other's parents indicates the seriousness of the relationship.

This offers a chance to deepen understanding of family backgrounds, and lays the foundation for a stable, long-term relationship.

These insights indeed resonate with the evolving priorities in Singapore in recent surveys. Finding someone that you can connect with deeply has no one-size-fits-all solution, but you give love a chance by looking for a person that shares your values and causes.

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