Michelle Chen unperturbed by rumours of marriage woes

19 Jul -  Taiwanese actress Michelle Chen recently dismissed rumours that she and her husband Chen Xiao are calling it quits on their marriage.

As reported on Epoch Times, the actress, who finally spoke directly to the media about the ongoing rumours, said that such a rumour is just something that a public figure like her has to go through.

"My husband and I have a tacit understanding that we will not discuss netizens' comments about us. I told him that we should just live our lives. The world doesn't need to know," she said.

It was earlier this month that Chinese media claimed that the celebrity couple was engaged in a cold war, and that Chen Xiao had taken their son Muchen to his parents' home.

Michelle debunked the said rumours soon after by sharing a photo of their little family on social media - wishing her husband a 32nd birthday.

Meanwhile, on the subject of good friend Rainie Yang getting married to boyfriend Li Ronghao, Michelle said that she was extremely overjoyed upon being told of their engagement by the singer.

"Li Ronghao is very mature and considerate. He is the perfect man for Rainie," she said.

(Photo Source: Michelle Chen Instagram)