Mobile event tech firm Zeguestlist brings NFC to fitness conventions


Singapore- and Norway-based mobile event tech company Zeguestlist’s solutions were used at a fitness convention in Norway last month. How did it go?

At Norwegian School of Sport Science‘s annual fitness convention, held in Oslo, Norway, Zeguestlist, a Singapore- and Norway-based mobile event tech company, was tasked to manage over 1,000 participants and 132 sessions with its cloud-based solutions.

Held from November 15 to November 17, 2013, the event involved online payments, QR ticket deliveries, NFC session check-ins and live attendance and post-event statistics. With the help of ZTE Numbia Z5, an NFC-enabled handset, Zeguestlist ran the show, managing everything from initial registration, shoes distribution, parallel session check-ins, to lunch distribution with its mobile application.

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To attend the convention, guests first had to purchase a ticket, specify their shoe size and do an initial registration of the sessions they wanted to attend in the next two days through a registration page with a session calendar overview up to six months before the convention.

After registering, participants would receive a confirmation email with details and session choices. In addition, the guest would receive an SMS giving them access to the NIH Web App provided, to change and manage their sessions, buy additional items such as lunch and dinner, and have all information surrounding the event accessible in one place.

On the morning of the first day, attendees scanned their QR code ticket with the ZG app for them to be assigned to a NFC bracelet, which was given to the attendee to use for the rest of the event. Guests could then use their NFC bracelet to enter the sessions they had pre-registered for and reveal their shoe size and lunch choice for quick and easy pick-up of items.

All the NFC check-ins with Zeguestlist app created live statistics throughout the event. The guest web app had over 6,000 logins from guests changing classes and the organisers could track registration and session popularity in real time.

The idea of Zeguestlist was born in 2010 when tablets were making their way into the tech scene. The cloud-based management service was formed to utilise the new tablet technology to make the event industry smarter. Zeguestlist also recently managed an NFC-enabled wedding in Singapore.

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