Mobile Legends: Team Flash's new superteam brings together former rivals Adammir and Diablo

Bleed Esports' JPL is also joining the hype train.

From left to right: Keith
From left to right: Keith "Vanix" Lim Wei Jun, Adam "Adammir" Chong Jin Ee, Akihiro "JPL" Furusawa, Yeo "Diablo" Wee Lun, Jankurt "KurtTzy" Russel Matira, and Jaymark "Hadess" Aaron Thomas Lazaro. (Photo: Moonton)

Former Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) rivals Adam "Adammir '' Chong and Yeo "Diablo" Wee Lun were once on opposing sides, with Adammir coming out on top in Team Flash’s tight 4-3 victory against RSG Singapore in the MLBB Professional League (MPL) Season 6 finals.

Now, they stand on the same side in a newly-minted Team Flash, with the roster set to debut at the Games of the Future 2024 in Russia, where they will compete for a prize pool of US$1 million.

This new super squad also sees several other reunions, with Adammir reuniting with former EVOS SG teammate Akihiro "JPL" Furusawa, and the newly added Jankurt "KurtTzy" Matira partnering his former Echo teammate, Jaymark "Hadess" Lazaro.

Alongside Keith “Vanix” Lim, this new super team chock full of big names is looking to take the Southeast Asian region by storm.

In particular, Team Flash will be KurtTzy’s first foray outside the Philippines scene. When asked if the shift had anything to do with him getting moved from the first team to the academy team, the 21-year-old maintained that it was for a change of surroundings.

“I just want to experience a new environment, since I was in ECHO for 3 years,” KurtTzy remarked in an exclusive interview with Yahoo Esports SEA.

“We (KurtTzy and Hadess) played together before (in ECHO) and I miss carrying him.”

Looking for opportunities

(Photo: Team Flash)
(Photo: Team Flash)

For RSG Singapore's Diablo, parting with the team was a decision that he made after nearly three years with them. The EXP laner’s main motivation for him was the opportunities that Team Flash offered, as well as the potential he saw in the new roster.

“I feel like maybe Team Flash offers the opportunities that I want, like moving forward in this year Because this year there's quite a lot of international events and I would like to participate in most of them to get as much experience as I can,” said DIablo.

Former RSG Singapore teammate Brayden "BRAYYY" Teo heading to National Service was also a factor in making the shift. 2023 would be the last year Diablo and BRAYYY would be on the same side for the foreseeable future.

“I gave them (Diablo’s former RSG Singapore teammates) a heads up (that he was joining Team Flash),” said Diablo.

“I would say last season was one of the last times that the roster (the old RSG Singapore roster) can play together.”

Stepping down

(Photo: Team Flash)
(Photo: Team Flash)

The introduction of Diablo also saw a few roster shifts, with Adammir stepping down from his role as the EXP laner, moving into a more analytical role for the team — helping to spot mistakes, draft strategies, and filling for players in the event any of them are unable to come for practice.

The 24-year-old cited age as a big factor in his decision to step down from the main roster.

“I think it's more of a natural evolution. I am quite old this year, considering esports age,” said Adammir.

"I think moving forward, I still have a passion for esports, but I'm not as confident in my abilities in game compared to previously when I was still with EVOS SG and whatnot.”

When asked about the rivalry between him and Diablo and if it would affect the team’s performance, Adammir affirmed that “It’s more of a friendly rivalry forged out of respect for one another,” and that it will not affect the team in any way.

In fact, Diablo was actually the player Adammir was most looking forward to playing with due to his unique playstyle. Adammir cited Diablo using Jawhead, a hero that is only used in tournaments in the roam position, in the EXP lane as a damage hero.

“In a way, Diablo helps to create a new meta for Team Flash,” Adammir commented.

Still pushing on

Ironically, while the former EXP laner sees his retirement looming, Diablo is determined to go for as long as he can despite their similar age.

“I will try to play as much as I can until I feel like I really cannot play anymore,” said the 25-year-old.

“Maybe in like one to two years, I might find myself feeling that my reflexes are a bit more slower, I think that's when it starts to kick in. But right now, I can start to feel a bit of that already lah.

Only time will tell if this roster lives up to their expectations, but for now, the team is happy with their current performance, confident that they stand a chance against powerhouse teams in the Philippines and Indonesia towards the end of the year.

“Right now, I would say we should be able to fight against teams from Cambodia and dark horse teams.” he said.

Team Flash roster:

  • Exp lane -Yeo "Diablo" Wee Lun

  • Jungler - Jaymark "Hadess" Aaron Thomas Lazaro

  • Mid - Jankurt "KurtTzy" Russel Matira

  • Gold Lane - Keith "Vanix" Lim

  • Roamer - Akihiro "JPL" Furusawa

  • Analyst - Adam "Adammir" Chong Jin Ee

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