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The Ninja CREAMi is finally on sale, and you can use it to make the most amazing ice cream at home

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If you haven’t tried it, you need to know that homemade ice cream tastes better than anything you’ll find in the frozen aisle at the grocery store. That’s because, like most foods, the fresher it is, the better. Plus, less time sitting in a freezer usually makes it smoother to scoop.

Nonetheless, the easiest way to make your ice cream at home is with an ice cream maker, and one of the best machines to buy has to be the Ninja CREAMi. Luckily, you can score the top-rated machine for $30 off on Amazon right now.

Ninja CREAMi Ice Cream Maker, $199.99 (Orig. $229.99)

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$199.99 $229.99 at Amazon

The Ninja CREAMi launched less than a year ago, in mid-July 2021, but more than 900 Amazon shoppers have already given it a five-star rating. It’s an “ice cream lover’s must-have,” wrote one reviewer. “I love everything about this machine! It is very user-friendly. It works fast. And it cleans up easy.”

In addition to standard ice cream, the Ninja CREAMi has seven one-touch buttons for making milkshakes, sorbet, lite ice cream, gelato, smoothie bowls and adding mix-ins. And it’s super easy to use.

To start, you’ll need to do a little planning ahead, but that’s true with any ice cream maker. First, freeze your ingredients in the included pint containers (you get two of them with lids) for 24 hours. The next day, use the Ninja CREAMi to turn whatever you froze into ice cream.

According to the product description, the brand’s “Creamerizer System” finely shaves and churns the frozen ice particles into a creamy frozen texture in a matter of minutes. If you want your frozen treat to be a little softer and even creamier, you can simply hit the re-spin function to get the texture to your liking.

Oh my goodness, what a game changer,” another Amazon reviewer wrote. “This has got to be one of my favorite and most used kitchen gadgets. It will even turn my frozen protein drinks into ice cream! It proudly sits on my counter because I use it daily.”

Don’t worry if you’re not sure which flavor to start with yourself — the Ninja CREAMi comes with a recipe booklet for 30 different frozen treats. However, you can also try these TikTok-viral boozy milkshake recipes, ice cream cake recipes or banana-based “ice cream” recipes. Seriously, you may never want to go to Ben & Jerry’s again.

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