Mum furious after baby's head sliced open by scalpel during caesarean

A French mother named Helene claimed the C-section birth became a
A mother claimed the C-section birth became a “nightmare” when her baby’s head was accidentally sliced with a scalpel. Source: CEN/Australscope

A mother has blasted a local hospital for a “nightmare” C-section birth, accusing the gynaecologist of slicing the baby’s head with a scalpel leaving the infant needing six stitches.

The woman, who was only identified by her first name Helene due to strict privacy reasons, gave birth to a baby girl in Bezannes, a town near Reims in the north-east of France.

Helene, who already has two daughters, said that the planned C-section for her third child turned into “a nightmare” when the gynaecologist sliced the girl’s head with a scalpel.

“As a result she required six stitches. Luckily it was not her face,” she said.

The child needed six stitches after the gynaecologist in Bezannes accidentally sliced her head with a scalpel. Source: CEN/Australscope
The child needed six stitches after the gynaecologist allegedly sliced her head with a scalpel by accident. Source: CEN/Australscope

The French woman said she was appalled with hospital staff following the accident.

Helene said the gynaecologist said during surgery that it wasn’t bad, “it is only her hair”.

“He did not even apologise. What inhumane treatment,” she said.

Helene also blasted the anaesthetist, saying: “She did not give me the right dose. I was in extreme pain.”

The hospital board called it a “rare incident” in a statement, clarifying that they “regret the situation”.


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According to the statement, doctors are not to blame as they “performed their job well” and the mother and child “were not endangered at any time.”

Since her distressing experience a week ago, Helene’s daughter has since recovered from her scalpel wound.

The stitches have been removed and doctors said that apart from the possibility of a small scar, there will be no long-term effects to the girl’s well-being.

Helene is considering suing the hospital as she is angry that officials have yet to come forward with an apology.

She said: “What bothers me the most is that we did not get an explanation or an apology.”