Must-see sports moments of the week: Spectacular bicycle kick own-goal

There were plenty of eye-catching sporting moments from the past week, including an incredible bicycle kick own-goal. Yahoo Singapore picks out a selection.

Adrien Gulfo of Swiss lower League side Pully Football scored an overhead kick in a semi-final match against FC Renens in the Coupe de Vaudoise – a spectacular goal it was indeed; minus the the part where he scored into his own net.

Incredible bicycle kick… at the wrong end

Swiss midfielder Adrien Gulfo scored a bicycle kick that he will probably remember for life for the wrong reasons.

The Pully Football player, in an attempt to clear the ball acrobatically, sent the ball flying into his own net instead in the Coupe de Vaudoise semi-final match against FC Renens.

Tracking back to help his defence out, Gulfo managed to cut out a low cross into his area but scuffed his attempted clearance. The ball looped into the end and Gulfo set himself up for a bicycle kick.

While he connected with the ball, instead of hoofing it away from his own penalty area, he sent it into his own goal from the narrowest of angles, stunning his teammates and himself.


Thankfully for Gulfo, Pully managed to claw out from the 3-1 deficit to draw 3-3 at the end of the game, before clinching the tie on penalties.


Rookie makes incredible alley-oop 

Alley-oops have become a staple in NBA games, and most aren’t amazed by those plays anymore.

But Boston Celtics rookie Jaylen Brown took things up a notch, after he finished a crazy pass from Marcus Smart in Game 7 of the Eastern Conference Semi-Final against the Washington Wizards.

Midway through the third quarter, the Celtics were attacking on the break. Brown managed to sneak into the paint area unguarded and Smart spotted that. Almost immediately, he launched a pass towards Brown’s path.

The small forward caught the ball in midair and instead of going for a dunk, he acrobatically flung the ball backwards for a spectacular reverse layup that brought the fans onto their feet.

What a play from the 20-year-old.


Unusual penalty 

In a Portugese second division league match between Sporting B and Academica, a penalty was awarded in the most unusual way.

No, there were no poorly-timed challenges. Instead, it was because a substitute – yes, a substitute –  decided to stop the ball with his hand in his own penalty area.

A harmless ball had been put into Sporting’s area and was headed out for a goal-kick in the 58th minute of the match. Budag Nasirov, who was warming up at the touchline, decided to stop the ball with his foot and his hand. The problem however, was that the ball hadn’t gone out of play completely yet.

According to the laws of the game, any team official, substitute or sent off player interfering with play will concede a direct free-kick or a penalty, depending where the infringement was made. The referee awarded the penalty accordingly, much to Nasirov’s bewilderment.

To make matters worse, Academica, who trailed by a goal when the penalty was awarded, scored one more after converting the penalty to take a 2-1 victory.

We’re not so sure if Nasirov still has a spot on the bench left after this.

Benfica’s stunning dressing room celebrations

How do you celebrate a title triumph? By popping a champagne in the dressing room? Or taking selfies?

Newly crowned Portugese champions Benfica took theirs onto a whole new level – by celebrating with a moped in the dressing room.

Portugese international Eliseu brought his vehicle into the dressing room somehow, while his teammates formed a circle around it. Eliseu then started spinning around in his bike, with the rest of the team teammates cheered him on.

The team secured their fourth league title in a row, so we reckon such a celebration was warranted.