Must-see sports moments of the week: Wild mistake from goalkeeper

There were plenty of eye-catching sporting moments from the past week, including a massive blunder from a goalkeeper and some crowd trouble in Europe. Yahoo Singapore picks out a selection.

Perth Glory goalkeeper howler gifts opposition easy goal

Goalkeeper runs wild before conceding goal

A goalkeeper takes the ball out of his own area and attempts to dribble into the opponents’ half. This is a scenario that’s more likely linked to a game of FIFA 17, but on Sunday (16 April), a goalkeeper actually did it in a game in Australia.

We aren’t sure what was going through Liam Reddy’s mind. Instead of just hoofing the ball upfield, the Perth Glory goalkeeper decided that it was a good idea to take a touch or two ( or maybe three), with his teammates just as baffled.

As it transpired, Reddy failed and lost the ball in his own half, leaving Melbourne City’s Nick Fitzergerald with the easiest of goals to score from range.

Luckily, Perth Glory were up by two goals before the incident happened and managed to hold on for a 5-4 win.

Dead rats for opposing team

Crowd trouble in football is pretty commonplace. Most of the time, you will hear of fans hurling items such as bottles or coins at players from the opposing team.

But on Monday (17 April), in a Danish Superliga match between Brondby IF and FC Kobenhavn, the home fans took it to another level – by throwing dead rats.

Four motionless rodents were thrown onto the area of the pitch where Kobenhavn had a corner. Ludwig Augustinsson, after arguing with the assistant referee for a bit, then kicked it off the playing area before proceeding with the game.

We’re not quite sure about the motive behind the dead rodents, but it’s surely up there in terms of the oddest (and most unhygienic) sporting moments for sure.

Fans storm pitch to pick fights with players

Staying on the issue of crowd trouble, fans in France took a step further. In a Ligue 1 match between Bastia and Olympique Lyon, the Bastia fans stormed the pitch before kick-off to confront the Lyon players.

Bastia fans had been throwing balls at the Lyon players during warm-up, and a few Lyon players, led by Memphis Depay, had thrown them back at the fans, which sparked the melee.



It ended after Lyon players were ushered by stewards back into their dressing room and kick-off was eventually delayed by one hour. But at half-time, a fan confronted Lyon’s goalkeeper Anthony Lopes, sparking another melee, which led to the match being abandoned. Sadly, it’s another example of appalling behaviour by football fans.


Incredible layup 

It’s one thing to successfully score a basket after being fouled, but Houston Rockets Clint Capela did so in an amazing fashion.

In Game 1 of the Rockets’ playoff series against the Oklahoma City Thunder, Capela was fouled by Taj Gibson, who had climbed onto his back as the Thunder player attempted to prevent Capela from getting an easy basket.

But rather than giving up, Capela somehow managed to lay the ball in, without a look at the basketball while falling to the ground.

What an unbelievable effort.