The New Mutants director is still hopeful for a trilogy

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Josh Boone has said that he still has aspirations of completing a trilogy of The New Mutants movies.

The director has been buried in this horror-tinged X-Men universe for quite some time, so it's no surprise to hear he's laid down plans for a further two entries once the first one finally premieres later this summer.

But as is the situation with every fledgling franchise, its future hangs on the box office takings.

Photo credit: 20th Century Fox

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Speaking to SFX Magazine recently, Boone revealed: "Ultimately, after all this time, I was able to make my New Mutants film, and I am proud of it.

"What I'm hoping for now is that it will be successful enough so the studio will allow me to complete a trilogy. I've got [it] all planned out."

Previously, the filmmaker also disclosed that he intended to introduce a major villain at the end of the first movie, who'd go on to terrorise the teenagers in a sequel.

Photo credit: 20th Century Fox

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"We had always planned to have a tag at the end of the movie that introduced the villain for the next movie," he noted.

"We even had an actor cast [Antonio Banderas], but because of the merger and because Marvel owns X-Men now and is going to do their own thing, there was no reason to go shoot it."

The New Mutants will be released in cinemas on August 28.

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