MyRepublic to offer mobile services through partnership with StarHub

(PHOTOS: Yahoo News Singapore file photo, Facebook / MyRepublic)

Internet service provider (ISP) MyRepublic announced on Thursday (3 May) that it has formed a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) partnership with StarHub to offer mobile services here.

The partnership means that homegrown MyRepublic will be able to tap on StarHub’s infrastructure to offer mobile services here, similar to Circles.Life’s partnership with M1.

“We made a promise and we want to stand by that promise,” said MyRepublic’s chief executive officer Malcolm Rodrigues.

“We promised that MyRepublic would bring a better kind of mobile service to Singapore, and we believe we can still do that.”

The ISP said in a press release that it will be rolling out mobile services “very soon” but did not give a date, nor did it reveal details about the plans it is intending to offer.

However, MyRepublic managing director Yap Yong Teck said that the company “has resonated with Singapore’s younger, more tech-savvy crowd” and that it will continue to focus its mobility services on this market segment.

Founded in 2012, MyRepublic made a bid to become Singapore’s fourth telco in December 2016 but failed to clinch the license, which was awarded to TPG Telecom. The Australian company said in March that it would those aged 65 and above for the launch of its first mobile service here.

Rodrigues said in November last year that MyRepublic planned to launch mobile services in Singapore in the first quarter of this year. The company also intends to launch mobile services in Australia and Indonesia by mid-2018.