Net buzzing over identity of mystery S’pore callgirl

Kai Fong

Just who is this underage callgirl involved in a widening high-profile sex scandal that has embarrassed 48 men and counting?

To date, 48 have been charged for allegedly having paid sex with the girl, who worked for a now defunct online prostitution website.

Among the biggest names tied to the case are prominent local newsmaker Howard Shaw, former UBS top banker and Swiss national Juerg Buergin, an ex-school principal, an ex-teacher and several top civil servants.

The girl is believed to be 17 – below the legal age for prostitution -- when the alleged offences took place between September 2010 and February 2011.

Court documents have identified the girl on Wednesday but she cannot be named after the court allowed a prosecution application to impose a gag order to protect her identity.

The gag order, which prohibits the publication of any information that could lead to the disclosure of the girl’s identity, also applies to members of the public.

But that has not prevented netizens from speculating and spreading photos of the alleged callgirl online.

Among the issues being hotly debated on online forums – the prices she charged (between $500 to $750 per session, according to the charge sheets), how she had managed to conceal her real age, her background and even why she has not been named and shamed.

“The underage gal charges $500 per hour?” exclaimed Yahoo! user Princess Cathie.

“She must really be somebody that causes men of status to (go) head over heels, giving up their reputation, career and family...”

“Who will pay $500 for a pros?”, agreed Ang. “(That's) over market rate by five-fold."

Another user libby was among many who felt it was unfair the girl has been made to look like the victim.

“First, she is underaged, then she's a 'callgirl'. Why are clients being blamed here?” she wrote.

“Why is this woman being shielded?” Lenen also questioned.

“She profited from her acts the whole time. She knew what she was doing was wrong -- she was not 'made use of'.”

While prostitution is not illegal in Singapore, it is a punishable offence to have paid sex with anyone under 18. This carries mandatory imprisonment up to seven years and a possible fine.

The punishment for breaking a gag order is a fine of up to $5,000 or jail time of up to 12 months, or both.