New combat uniforms for air force, navy servicemen

Fann Sim
Infographic of the new combat uniform. Larger photo: (Photo courtesy of MINDEF)
Infographic of the new combat uniform. Larger photo: (Photo courtesy of MINDEF)

Singapore’s air force and navy personnel will soon receive new combat uniforms similar to what foot soldiers currently wear.

The Ministry of Defence (MINDEF) on Thursday explained that equipping the Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF) and Republic of Singapore Navy (RSN) with the new combat wear – dubbed No. 4 uniforms – will take place progressively over three years.

The new uniforms’ greyish-blue pixelised patterns were selected to achieve better concealment and enhance survivability, MINDEF said.

“The colour scheme is a better match against the commonly used colours of aircraft, ships and key installations,” it said in a statement. “This effectively blends the airmen and sailors in their respective operating platforms and enhances their survival by delaying enemy detection time.”

For RSAF servicemen, the No.4 uniform will replace the current RSAF coverall for Air Force Engineers. Air Warfare Officers in the Command, Control and Communication community, as well as Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Pilots and Systems Specialists will wear their No.4 uniforms during duty.

For RSN servicemen, the No. 4 uniform will replace the Naval Combat Rig, worn by personnel on board ships, at naval bases and in base defence squadrons.

MINDEF said the new uniforms take advantage of advances in material technology such as quick dry properties and greater heat and perspiration dissipation.

The uniforms will also have improved features to adhere to the safety requirements and mitigate potential hazards in the working environment, while safety boots of breathable material with zip and composite toe-cap will replace the current safety boot, it added.

Equipping for active servicemen will commence in the later part of 2012 while Operationally Ready National Servicemen will be progressively equipped from 2013 onwards.