NGO Footage Shows Damaged Beirut Neighborhood Days After Explosion

Oxfam International was asking people to stand with the residents of Beirut, Lebanon, as it shared on the ground footage three days after an explosion at the port on August 4 shook the city.

This video, shared on August 7, shows George Ghali, Oxfam’s regional humanitarian campaign coordinator for the Middle East and North Africa, walking through of one of the city’s most affected neighborhoods.

Ghali’s video shows residents still in the midst of clearing debris caused by the explosion.

He explains that the area relies heavily on restaurants and bars, and that the damage from the blast has had a huge affect on people’s livelihoods.

“Even before the blast, Lebanon was nearing economic collapse and fighting a global pandemic. Stand with the people of Lebanon today,” Oxfam wrote alongside the footage. Credit: Oxfam via Storyful