NTUC FairPrice won't accept identity cards for member verification from next month

(SCREENCAP: ntuc.org.sg)

SINGAPORE — From next month, NTUC FairPrice will not accept identity cards for to verify membership details, in compliance with the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA).

Customers who want to enjoy their membership privileges and benefits will need to flash their Plus! cards instead.

The NRIC non-acceptance will take place starting from 1 August 2019, and progressively roll out across FairPrice stores islandwide.

This will be introduced in phases across all FairPrice stores, including FairPrice Finest supermarkets, FairPrice Shop stores, FairPrice Xtra hypermarkets, FairPrice Xpress outlets, Cheers convenience stores, Unity pharmacies, Warehouse Club, and FairPrice On, said the supermarket chain in a press release on Thursday (18 July).

The “red and white” FairPrice membership card will also no longer be accepted after 31 July.

There are currently more than 2.1 million NTUC Plus! and Plus! members, who can enjoy various membership benefits when they shop at FairPrice, including earning LinkPoints and enjoying periodic discounts. FairPrice shareholders, which number over 745,000, are also able to earn rebates.

Last year, close to $54 million in rebates were distributed to FairPrice members and $30.3 million worth of LinkPoints were disbursed.

For online purchases, members need to update their online accounts by the end of the month with their Plus! card number.

However, customers still need to show their NRICs in certain circumstances, such as during the purchase of restricted products such as alcohol and cigarettes.

“In these instances, cashiers will only use the NRIC details to verify the customers’ age,” said FairPrice.

NTUC Plus! and Plus! members who have misplaced their membership cards may contact 6223 5225 or enquiries@ntuclink.com.sg.

FairPrice members who have not received their Plus! card or have yet to link their Plus! card to their FairPrice membership can contact 6888 1880 or fairprice.membership@fairprice.com.sg.

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