Odette Annable shares photos of her 'very hot, very pregnant summer'

Odette Annable is celebrating a pregnant mom summer.

The Walker actress, 37, took to Instagram on Friday to share photos of herself getting ready to welcome her second child with husband and former Brothers & Sisters co-star Dave Annable. She captioned the photos, which revealed her pregnant stomach, “The very hot, very pregnant Summer.”

The Cloverfield star received lots of love in her comments section. One follower compliment Annable’s “cutest bump,” while another called her a “beautiful mama.”

This will be the second child for the married couple, who separated in 2019 before announcing their reunion the following year. The two are already parents to daughter Charlie Mae, 6.

Annable announced her pregnancy in May on Instagram, with a video of herself and Dave sharing a sonogram photo with Charlie.

“It’s been a very long journey to get here, but we are here and we are thrilled and couldn’t be more grateful,” the actress shared in the caption. “A new chapter begins. A very special Mother’s Day indeed.”

On her Instagram Story, Annable detailed the challenging journey to having a second child, writing, “3 miscarriages, failed IUI, failed IVF. It’s been an emotional ride, but we kept going and now we are here.”

Later that month, she wrote on Instagram that her pregnancy came with some difficult emotions. Sharing a photo of her family smiling while posing with a sonogram photo, she shared that it was “impossible to share the joy without acknowledging the grief.”

“This picture feels earned for us personally after years of having another baby on our mind. We’ve been through multiple losses, failed IUI, a failed IVF and then — what felt like a miracle happened,” she continued. “All of this to say, anyone out there struggling with infertility, I SEE you and I’m with you. This is just one story that may give you a sliver of hope when you think there isn’t any left. I’ve been there and the baby journey can be all encompassing, extremely triggering and just really HARD. Even now, I worry everyday that something may go wrong. The only thing I can control, is how I choose my mindset. Your mind can be tricky so I lean into the beauty of possibility and hope. We always have that choice. Thank you for the support and love, we feel it all!”

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