Only 3 of 5 Singaporeans say they are satisfied with their romantic or sex lives, Ipsos survey finds

Compared to neighbouring countries, Singapore falls short in romance satisfaction.

A couple having breakfast on bed together to depict a strong relationship that could be lacking in intimacy.
A vast majority of Singaporeans value strong relationships, but improvement is needed in the intimacy department among couples, according to a recent love life satisfaction survey by Ipsos. (Photo: Getty Images)

While Singaporeans are feeling all warm and fuzzy toward their partners, there's some work to be done between the sheets, according to a global survey which sheds light on how locals are feeling about their relationships, happiness and overall sense of contentment.

A recent survey by global market research company Ipsos revealed that 82 per cent of Singaporeans are happy with their partners or spouses, an indication that locals value strong relationships.

But while the love is strong among the vast majority of Singaporeans, only about three out of five locals, or 62 per cent of those surveyed, report being satisfied with their romantic or sex lives.

Compared to other Asia Pacific countries such as India (76 per cent), China and Thailand (both 75 per cent), Singapore's satisfaction with romance and intimacy lags behind. This means there's room for improvement in the intimacy department, even among happy Singaporean couples.

While the survey offers a glimpse into the love lives of Singaporeans, relationships extend beyond just romantic entanglements. Singaporeans score high on satisfaction with other aspects of their lives too.

The survey found that three-quarters or 74 per cent of Singaporeans consider themselves happy, and 70 per cent feel appreciated. Feeling loved is also widespread, with 76 per cent of Singaporeans reporting satisfaction. This figure jumps to 88 per cent for those in committed relationships.

Beyond the romance

The survey also explored various other human connections contributing to overall satisfaction.

A staggering 84 per cent of those surveyed feel good about their bonds with parents, siblings and cousins, and 87 per cent are satisfied with their relationships with their children. Even friendships and work relationships get a thumbs-up, with 78 per cent and 73 per cent expressing contentment, respectively.

The Ipsos survey encompassed approximately 24,000 individuals across 31 countries, including about 500 Singaporeans. It paints a mixed-bag Singapore that values connection and contentment but with room for growth and improvement, whether it's fostering deeper connections with loved ones or exploring avenues for enhancing romantic intimacy.

After all, in Singapore where love knows no bounds, every relationship is a journey worth cherishing.

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